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    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

    1What is the necessity of joining a seminar?
    By joining our free seminar you will be able to know the demand of freelancing and scopes of your work in online & local marketplace. Besides this you will be able to make a decision on which course is more beneficial for you or goes with your background. You can also participate in open question answer session to clear your doubts on any IT professions.
    2How can I join for a free seminar?
    You can directly go to our home page and can click on right side "Seminar" button. Fill-up this form with your information & click submit. Besides this you can also knock us through Facebook page by sending us your contact details and our representative will contact with you for confirming your seat.
    3Do you provide any certification?
    Yes, we do provide certification on your type of expertise after completing the course. And soon we also will start providing the online certification for your course.
    4Do you provide any support after complete course?
    After completing the course from our institute, our faculty will provide you full support for live projects and will help you to solve any problems faced while interacting with clients. You are always welcome in our institute whenever you are in need.
    5Can I change the course after admission?
    No, You can't change the course after admission. We request to you please before choosing a course, find out which one you want to do.
    6Can I postpone my course?
    Yes. there is an option for postponing the course. You can postpone your course for 3 months. Within 3 months you must join another batch to continue your course or else your admission will be cancelled in whole. For the change of the batch you must pay TK 1000.
    7If I miss any class then what should I do?
    No worries, we are providing backup classes if by chance you miss the class. For availing the backup class there are some limitations. We allow backup class only for those who have valid reasons for absenteeism in the class. A student will get a maximum of 3 backup classes throughout the course.
    8Is it possible to generate income during course?
    It depends on you. If you attend regular classes, submit all the home tasks and projects in time, invest your time sincerely in selected course and have a winning attitude, you can definitely reach your goal. Many of our students are winning or find local job/project in the middle of the course. So yes it is possible, will power is the only matter here.